SHP Newsletter Issue 21.31

July 30, 2021


Hello SHP Family,

I wanted to keep this message short and sweet. We really need your help to complete the transition of our Divvy cards from MasterCard to Visa and for the most part we are nearly done. If you have not yet activated your new Divvy card, please do so now. It literally takes you seconds to complete it and if we can get everyone to complete it before the end of this month, July, we will earn some cash back bonuses. It might not be a huge amount, but every dollar counts. 

So, please stop what you are doing right now, open up your Divvy app and activate your card. You’ll need to do this anyway to spend on this new and amazing program. Thank you all for what you do for your communities. We are really getting rolling this build season and with some hard work and divine help, we will reach our 40,000 bed goal. 

Love you all,

Luke Mickelson



Divvy Visa Distribution – Updating Your L4P Payment Method

With the rollout and activation of our new Divvy Visa cards, there’s one other task you’ll need to complete. Please make sure that you go into your Lowe’s 4 Pros (L4P) account and update your primary payment method to reflect your new Divvy Visa and delete your old Divvy Mastercard. Realizing that is not something that we do very often, we’ve included a short video tutorial to show the steps.

If you have any difficulties completing this update, please don’t hesitate to contact your RSL/CSL, Chapter Support or myself and we will help you out.

Thank You for all you and your teams do for your communities and the deserving children therein!

JP Wilson



Hello SHP Family! 

Just a reminder to please be safe and careful during your builds and deliveries and to remember to have all volunteers sign indemnification forms.  If  you need any COIs (certificates of insurance), please check the handbook for the different requirements based on your sponsor requests.  Also, please remember to update any storage unit, warehouse, or other change of addresses to to keep your insurance information current and up to date.  Thanks so much for all you do in your towns to help so many kids! 

Yvette McEwen



The best place to send your checks/donations for deposits are to the PO Box address:

PO Box 116 
Kimberly, ID 83341

Our mail moves slow out here in the back hills of Idaho, but I check the PO Box every day. The checks I receive during the week are always deposited by Friday and then Levi uploads to Donor Perfect on Sunday night, making your P&L's available to you Monday morning. If you are wondering where a check is, please don't hesitate to email me ( I'll let you know if I've seen it or not. My goal is to have accurate data entry so you all can continue your amazing work you are doing in your communities. Keep up the great work!!

Nancie Mathews



Be Kind

These are two words that would seem obvious in the environment that we find ourselves in.  We are all here for one reason, we have big hearts.  Love is what brought us on this journey to serve others.  

Just like any environment we find ourselves in we find frustration, confusion, misunderstanding and ,of course, a giant melting pot of different personalities.  There are a lot of parts that go into this ever growing machine we call SHP.  It can be frustrating to figure things out or find the answers.  It can certainly be confusing and hard to understand why things must be done the way we are asked.  We assure you that we all have these same feelings sometimes.  You should not be afraid to ask questions.  With the right answer and maybe some time you’ll understand.  Be sure to direct your questions to the right people.  If you don’t know which team to reach out to, ask your RSL/CSL or CPAC members, they can guide you in the right direction.  Don’t rely on second hand information.  In our ever changing environment it’s best to get your answers directly from the team that deals with your needs.  Most importantly, be patient.  

And now, BE KIND!  Yes, we all have different personalities.  We are also dealing with people that we have never personally met.  To further complicate our relationships we live in a world we’re we communicate through email and text.  It is very difficult to understand the feelings, emotions and meaning behind the words when we can’t see the face.  We should always assume the best and that the communication is positive, and it should be.  As mentioned above we are here for good reason and with loving hearts.  If you feel misunderstood or don’t understand the response don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.  Sometimes hearing a voice and the reflection in the voice can help bring understanding.  

In closing, please be responsive.  If you receive an email please take a second to respond.  The most common thing we hear is that people don’t respond to emails.  This simple act of respect will cut down on the frustrations we all feel at every level.  Communication is vital, not only to the organization but in building relationships and understanding with each other!  Always feel free to reach out to the CPAC if you need help or have suggestions.  We are here to improve the SHP experience for everyone.  

Scott Foster/Jay Tucker



Hey all! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer. I am loving seeing all the awesome build pictures and videos. Keep them coming! I just want to take a second and thank you all so much for the time and energy and love that you all give to SHP and helping kiddos. It really is a blessing to my life.  

The AUGUST coupon code is active. Reminder that this coupon code allows us to order from the SHP Store (NOT the STAFF Store) using discounted prices! Here's how it works. The code is for staff only and we are using the honor system, so please do not give it out to anyone outside of your team or immediate family members. The code gives you 25% off shirts and most of the hats only, which will be applied at checkout. The code will expire at midnight on the last day of AUGUST after which a new code will be provided for SEPTEMBER. Hopefully this discount is a small way of saying thank you for all of your sacrifices and dedication to our cause and your communities! Happy Shopping! The code for AUGUST is STAFFAUG2021 

Heidi Mickelson



Hi all!

WOW! What a great week it’s been in the “mattress world!” 😊 

As you all know the Lucid Containers that Luke ordered last November arrived in Twin Falls and, off they went to those chapters that had old Lucid backorders. Those backorders have been fulfilled and are no longer considered backorders with Lucid.

Until we hear from Lucid that they will be shipping again the hold status for Lucid mattresses in CX will remain.

Corsicana and Wolf are the other 2 options available to order through SHQ/CX ordering system. You can reference the dashboard/chapter support/materials where you can find a power point which also goes into more detail when ordering through these suppliers.

As of late Wolf is processing orders quickly and Corsicana is shipping within a week post the PO being submitted in their system.

  • Wolf is $59.59 per mattress plus shipping (27 per pallet)

  • Corsicana is $79.54 per mattress delivered (no freight charges and no quantity limit) Because Corsicana PO’s take a few days before they are submitted to production, I will continue to process Corsicana PO’s as soon as I receive them. 
  • Ashley (SHQ) mattress. As soon as we hear something I will send out a letter to all of you.

We are also still actively looking for mattress suppliers that can offer us rolled mattresses for a reasonable price.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank You

Kim Wilson